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Structural Design Services Commercial & Residential Properties

Structural Engineering Services

At Gunderson Engineering, we take pride in offering top-tier structural engineering solutions for both commercial and residential projects in North Carolina and South Carolina. Our services are designed to cater to projects of all sizes, ensuring every client receives the best in structural integrity and design.

We Provide Structural Redline Services for:

  • Structural Engineering: Tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your residential project or commercial property.
  • Structural Redlines: Our experienced Engineers will "redline" or review the architectural drawings and send back to the client for the necessary updates.
  • Peer Review: Comprehensive evaluation to assure the highest level of quality and safety.
  • Energy Calculations: Enhancing your home's energy efficiency for sustainable living.

Structural Design

We offer customized structural design solutions specifically tailored to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of commercial properties. Our approach involves a detailed analysis of your project's requirements to create efficient, safe, and innovative structures.

Redline Review

Redline reviews involve a meticulous examination and markup of architectural and engineering drawings. Our experts identify and correct errors, ensuring that your designs meet all relevant codes and standards. This process is crucial for catching potential issues early, saving time and money during construction. Redline reviews provide a clear, annotated guide for making necessary adjustments, ensuring your project plans are both practical and compliant.

Energy Calculations

Our energy calculation service is aimed at optimizing the energy efficiency of structures, reducing operational costs, and minimizing environmental impact. We employ advanced methods to assess and enhance the energy performance of buildings.